• About the Dusty Taint

    This camp is comprised of an eclectic group of experienced burners who would like to foster a different aspect to Burningman. We want to bring other cultures into a new and ethnically comingled environment celebrating our similarities, loving the differences and learning from each other. We are working to build a better community both within the camp and affecting Playa interactions as well with sexual inclusion and a melding of ideas and experiences.

    Based the concept of a 'Dive Bar'... nexus where people passing by and from the area can relax and socialize following a hard day.

    When the sun is just above the mountains, we will toast the sunset and welcome the coming night, all the while sharing stories with friends new and old.

    The “Sun Set Toast” will become a Dusty Taint tradition honoring our dusty travelers and friends. Whether you come by foot, bike or art car, your caravan is always welcome at the Dusty Taint.

    The Dusty Taint will foster the social aspect of working hard and playing harder but in a more relaxed way.  We will play games with a mature and imaginative twist.

    “The Game”
    A very popular card game created for Burningman 2013 by Dusty Taint founders Social and Dirty, this is a game with a simple premise. Draw a card from the deck and the player does what it says. Is it ever really simple? Beware, because we believe everyone at the Taint should “Be social and be Dirty”! “The Game” has a high degree of interactivity among all those in the camp and creates possibilities where there were boundaries. Most activities will not be suited for little ones.

    “Tighty Whitie Taint” Grab a pair of Tighty Whities and paint or decorate the taint to your heart’s content. Paint and other non-moopable supplies are gifted. When you are done, bring your imagination and pose for an instant picture on the "Taint Board".  Wear your Manderpants/Womanderpants or any other kindofpants proudly or hang your creation from the rafters, it’s a dusty one but it taint no big thing. Creativity and imagination is required.